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Embossed Labels

Embossed labels with or without resin

Embossed labels allow you to add a customized design, letters, decorations, or pattern effects to the product packaging or directly to the product itself.

Types of Embossed Labels

There are several types, but mainly two:

In this post, we will focus on the first type. In both cases, the resin finish can be applied.

These are pressure-sensitive labels that have been imprinted with custom dies on a part or the entirety of the label material.

The result is an embossed label with depth and texture. Different label materials, such as paper, hybrid film constructions, and sheets, create different effects. It's a versatile option to create a standout label.

These labels can also have a resin finish, which implies even greater sophistication and thus a luxury label to add a touch of exclusivity and better distinction to the brand or product.

Cost of Embossed Labels

The price varies depending on the specific tooling required for each product based on its complexity.

As finishes are added to the labels, tooling costs increase. However, these costs are proportionally lower for larger runs due to economies of scale. In mass productions, even the most costly processes, such as die-cutting or stamping requiring dies and matrices, represent only a small fraction of the total expense.

Embossed Printing and Packaging

Embossed labels give the product a premium elegance and can be combined with a wide range of label printing techniques. Brands often use embossing in their logo or on a specific detail to highlight specific visual elements of the label design. Embossed labels are often found on:

Embossed Labels Pair with Other Accessories

Shine: We can add embossed effects to custom foil labels to add even more depth to a golden or silver metallic element.

Color: The embossing can be used with any color combination.

Infinite Possibilities: The design possibilities are almost limitless. We have the ability to bring your vision to life and deliver a label that communicates your brand while differentiating your product.

Don't wait any longer and add value to your brand. At Domestar, we will always be delighted to advise and assist you with whatever you need. Contact us for more information.

Resin and dry impact embossed adhesive
Tuning sticker with dry embossing and doming coating.

Selective embossed label using varnish
Label with embossed text using UVI varnish.

Embossed text label
Label with embossed text in digital printing.
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