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Doming for Wine and Liquors

Doming for Wine and Liquor Bottles

The ornaments and printing of labels are two aspects that have a significant impact on the wine and liquor market. In fact, the label greatly influences the sales of these products. At Domestar, we understand this and help brands attract their audience through doming for wines and liquors.

Below, we explain in more detail how this technique influences these products.


Just like the bottled liquid inside the bottle, wine labeling is a fundamental part that needs careful attention to succeed in sales; it is a science.

With such a variety, companies need a unique reason or action to stand out. Most of them require a well-defined strategy linked to a family, a cultivation style, a highly specialized wine production type, or a connection to a specific place. Those defining the core values of the brand will help inform the label's design.

However, standing out is an imprecise science. What might be effective for a high-end company profile probably won't work for the monthly offer of a local store. Nevertheless, a wine label should always convey quality.

The same applies to liquors. There is so much variety that consumers often choose one or another based on the aesthetic finish of the bottle, which includes a beautiful label.

Doming is an ideal solution to give a more stylish, elegant, and eye-catching view of the brand. This technique will make the label stand out on a shelf filled with bottles and will also help create an emotional connection with the consumer.

However, the design is crucial for making this happen.

Advantages of Doming for Wines and Liquors

There are numerous advantages to using this technique in this sector:

Wine and liquor labels are crucial sources of information for consumers as they indicate the type and origin of the wine. Often, the label is the only resource the buyer has to evaluate the content before purchasing it. That is why the label's design and finish must be of high quality.

In conclusion, by adding the doming technique to the finish, we ensure a visual and quality advantage over the competition.

Take a look at our blog about resin stickers to discover more information about this product and its great advantages.

Image of an empty wine bottle with a resin dome adhesive.
In the image, you can appreciate a bottle of liquor or wine with a resin dome adhesive. The adhesive adds a touch of luxury to the product.

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