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For a successful resin application on your labels or adhesives, it is important to follow the technical recommendations outlined below:

  1. Material Flatness: Ensure that the material used for the labels or adhesives is flat and free from any ripples or wrinkles. This will provide a smooth surface for the resin application.

  2. Vertical Piece Count: When arranging the labels or adhesives, the number of vertical pieces should always be an even number. For example, if the vertical direction measures 310 mm, there should be 2, 4, 8, or any other even number of pieces in that dimension.

  3. Maximum Size: The size of the material should not exceed the maximum dimensions of 310×470 mm. Keeping the material within these limits will ensure proper resin coverage and prevent any overflow or inconsistencies.

  4. Room Separation: Maintain a minimum separation of 10 mm between each resin-coated area. This spacing allows for proper resin flow and prevents the resin from mixing or spilling into adjacent areas.

  5. Rounded Angles: To facilitate the flow of resin and achieve uniform coverage, ensure that the angles of objects or designs on the labels are rounded. The internal radius of the rounded angles should be approximately 3 mm.

  6. Half Cut: When sending the adhesives or labels for resin coating, make sure they are half-cut. This means that the upper part of the plastic layer should be cut, while the backing remains intact. This preparation facilitates the resin application process.

  7. Minimum Character Thickness: For irregular texts and designs, ensure that the minimum thickness of characters is 5 mm. This thickness allows for accurate resin application and ensures legibility of the design.

  8. Adhesive Backing: The adhesive backing should not be made of paper. It should be either plastic or laminated paper without any cuts on the back. This type of backing ensures proper adhesion and prevents any interference with the resin coating process.

By following these technical recommendations, you can achieve optimal results and ensure a smooth resin application for your labels or adhesives. If you have any further questions or need additional guidance, please don't hesitate to reach out to our support team. We are here to assist you and ensure the success of your resin coating process.

Image of a drawing on a sheet of resin labels.
Diagram of how the plates should be delivered so that resin deposition can be carried out smoothly and correctly.

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