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Cosmetic adhesive

Doming for cosmetics market

What is Doming?

Doming is a technique that involves covering the surface of a print with a special resin. Typically, it is a type of polyurethane resin. It has a transparent appearance and its texture is similar to flexible plastic or rubber. It is applied automatically using a machine, by adding drops to achieve varying thickness in the final product. Doming can be done on any desired sticker shape, even for perforated printing jobs, as long as the lines are thick enough to prevent resin from overflowing.

Please note that doming should not be confused with finishing varnish. In reality, there are certain requirements for achieving optimal doming results. But let's explore further...

Advantages of Doming

Here is the importance of using this technique to enhance your brand. It's essential to consider it for added value. What are the advantages of doming?

Doming and Cosmetics

Considering the aforementioned advantages, it's easy to see why we use this technique in the cosmetics industry and how it adds value to the brand image. Cosmetics place great importance on the appearance of packaging, and beauty products are often presented in cutting-edge designs.

If we combine this positive image with stickers and labels.

Image of stickers for nail display
Image of stickers for nail display with color references.

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