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QR on Resin stickers

QR in doming for Bars and Restaurants

QR stands for quick response, which is exactly what customers expect in a bar or restaurant. This concept went viral with the past COVID and continues to boom today due to the improved service it offers. But what if you could optimize its design to last longer, unaffected by environmental changes or other external factors? Exactly, that would be ideal.

There are many good reasons to use a QR code menu in a restaurant or bar, from maintaining social distance to streamlining orders, but if you also add durability and protection thanks to the resin finish, you turn it into an optimal choice!

Below, we give you several reasons to include a raised QR label in your bar or restaurant:

They prevent menus from being passed from hand to hand

By placing QR codes in easy-to-see locations on the table or elsewhere in the restaurant or bar, you avoid the wait of the traditional "hand to hand" menu or having to distribute a menu to each diner. Customers will only need to scan and decide.

Saves on printing costs

Especially if the menu or list changes frequently, you will only need to modify the establishment's website to adapt it.

Menu design can be improved

A digital menu is designed to attract customers, highlighting the most popular products, increasing the value of orders, and optimizing conversion rates. Additionally, photos of the dishes or drinks can be added to further improve the digital experience and the customer's decision. Offers or promotions can also be presented, which is difficult with a printed menu.

Relief allows for long-term durability

The resin finish ensures that the QR is always in perfect condition, as it is not affected by the sun, therefore, it does not fade; it is resistant to rain, and cleaning products, as well as any other environmental effect.

The resin finish prevents cyber attacks by impersonating the code

Due to its oval shape and the material it is made of, hackers will not be able to stick anything on these QRs, helping to prevent plagiarism and protecting your business and customers.

At Domestar, we are experts in adding value to your brand. Furthermore, we will always be delighted to advise and assist you with whatever you need.

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QR code labels set
Example of labels with QR codes protected with resin. The designs can be very different. You can include your company logo or other images.

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