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Doming magnets

Magnets with a Resin Doming Finish

Do you want your loved ones to remember a special day? Or distribute your company's contact information in a practical way? Customize magnets to anchor your message in people's minds.

About our resin domed magnets

These magnets are made from a 0.5mm thick magnetic sheet with a 1mm thick resin layer. The resin is unbreakable and scratch-resistant.

To achieve maximum durability, we cover them with high-quality polyurethane resin, protecting the print from scratches and enhancing the product's appearance.

Resin domed magnets, a fantastic way to promote your message

Refrigerator magnets are a creative way to promote discounts or offers for your business. Simply add your design or photo to start your creation.

We offer a wide variety of magnets to promote your brand or image on any metal surface.

Additionally, magnets can also make a great personal gift, as they are not only useful but can also enhance a space in your home or office.

If desired, we can apply the resin to your pre-made magnets.

If you're interested in purchasing resin domed refrigerator magnets, don't hesitate to contact us. We'll be delighted to advise you and provide a custom quote. You can find us on our corporate website or through our contact information. Seize this opportunity to creatively promote your business!

Choose Domestar for your personalized magnets with resin and experience the perfect combination of functionality and aesthetics. Let us help you create magnets that make a statement and leave a lasting impression on your recipients.

Contact us today to discuss your design ideas or to inquire about our customization options. Start creating your personalized magnets and make your message stick!

Image with several magnets with resin
In the picture we see several resin magnets. You can see both sides of the magnet.

Image of magnet in resin, in the shape of an animal
We see a resin magnet in an irregular shape, for example in the shape of an animal.

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