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Custom resin stickers are a popular type of sticker for product and brand labeling across various sectors. They have numerous advantages, making them perfect for any environment, including the toughest conditions. If you're thinking about creating a custom resin sticker for your brand, we've gathered everything you need to know before choosing this product.

Definition of Doming Sticker

As we know, resin-coated stickers are labels covered with a transparent urethane dome. This coating makes the sticker more flexible and resistant, making it a solid choice for many businesses. Companies often use custom resin stickers to promote their brand and values. The quality of the resin creates an attractive glossy finish that catches the consumer's attention. In addition, they are very versatile and can use everything from full-color photographs to fluorescent inks. The domed effect is achieved by pouring a measured amount of liquid plastic over a pre-made or custom label. The liquid plastic will flow to the edge of the label, and surface tension creates the plastic dome shape. The dome takes about half a day to harden.

Advantages of Custom Resin Stickers

Doming not only provides a professional look thanks to its smooth resin dome finish, but it can also greatly benefit your business. Here are some of the main advantages to consider:

If you work in a hostile environment, these advantages make resin adhesives a sturdy and tolerant complement for your company.

Types of Custom Stickers

At Domestar, we understand the many advantages of custom stickers, and that's why we have a wide variety of different styles. Suitable for any business, take a look at the styles of custom resin-coated stickers we supply here.

Remember, customizing the sticker you're interested in is up to you. Just send us the design, follow the technical requirements recommended, and achieve the desired result. At Domestar, we are experts in adding value to your brand.
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Image of stickers from various brands and custom motifs
Collection of stickers from various brands and custom motifs made to order.

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