Resin service

To their labels or adhesive resin, then we indicate a number of technical requirements:

  • The material has to come plane, without undulations.
  • The number of pieces placed vertically needs to be even number, this means, in the 310 mm vertical side there should be placed 2,4,6,8… pieces.
  • The shape of the material should not exceed 310 x 470 mm.
  • The space between the pieces should be of 10 mm minimal.
  • The edges of the objects should be round,with an inner radius of 3mm, in order to let the resin flow natural up to the corners.
  • The stickers or labels have to be dye cutting with medium-cut, this means, the top of plastic must be cut and the support intact.
  • As for the irregular designs or texts, we only need a minimal thickness of 5mm.
  • The support of the adhesive can not be paper. Must be plastic or laminated paper and without crack back.