We can offer to you a range of stick of decorative stickers, ready to serve. But if you wish, you can give to us a design and we make your sticker with resin finish. Ask us, in this case, a budget with the form de nuestra web corporativa.

You can visualise some of the models in [ ]  and [ ] 

The resin stickers decorative are ideal for decorating cars because them resist in the outdoor. But for their viscosity can be use also for placement indoors.



There are a lot of flags available to choose from: countries, regions, communities… Visit our website for our brand products standard stickestilpoint. If you don’t find the model which you are looking for, contact us and we can produce it.


Stickers for mobile phone

Small stickers, with different shapes and designs, which are used to decorate any type of mobile phone.


Stickers for lighters

The resin stickers decorate and protect against scratching their lighters.



You can decorate your car with our resin stickers tuning. This resin hold all atmospheric conditions. In addition, for this elasticity, the stickers can be pasted into curved sites.